'The One You Brought Back': Mother Writes Emotional Letter Thanking The Nurses Who Helped Her After She Gave Birth To Stillborn

Date November 13, 2018 12:05

The loss of a child causes pain beyond all human understanding. There is no one to look after once your they are gone.

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It gets worse when the parents do not get to spend any time with their baby. They go into mourning wishing they at least had a moment with their child. Sometimes, it is hard to get back from that kind of pain.

However, there are heaven-sent people who help these families get through their ordeal. Such was the case of Rachel Whalen, who had given birth to her daughter, Dorothy Grace Helena Whalen, as a stillborn on the 22nd of February, 2016.

This had thrown her straight into depression while she was still at the hospital. However, the nurses came together and became her own guardian angels, guiding her through her pain.

She wrote an open letter to them, thanking them for their love, care, and support. The empathy they showed her brought her back to life, as she had lost all hope.

She thanked the nurses for taking care of her and seeing to her needs even though, for most people, they were just doing their jobs. 

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The nurses had also taken care of her husband, making him comfortable as he waited in the hospital for his wife to come back to him.

She wrote about the nurses' understanding that the family needed time to heal:

“Thank you to the nurse who slipped quietly into my room on my first night without Dorothy so that you could hold my hand. Thank you for whispering to me your story about your child who was born still,”

She also added:

“Thank you for being the first person to lead me out of the isolation one feels after losing a child.”

She also thanked the nurse who taught her how to fill her bra with ice packs so her milk would not overflow. Rachel appreciated the nurse who came to her bedside and asked her to talk about her daughter, recognizing that she needed to speak about little Dorothy as though she were alive.

A while later, Rachel got pregnant again and her second child, Frances. She also appreciated the nurses, in her letter, for helping her recognize that Frances was her second born and not calling her a mother of one, but of two.

Dealing with the loss of a child is devastating, and we are glad Rachel had these wonderful nurses to guide her back to life. Nurses are indeed angels on earth.

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