Kind Stranger Tends To Sleeping Baby In Waiting Room While Mom Fills Forms

Date July 10, 2019 15:32

Being a parent can be a whole lot. Parenting sometimes tends to take every little bit of energy we have left in us, being able to multitask is a skill heavily required for the job.

You're making dinner, and your baby starts crying; dinner's not going to wait, your baby isn't going to magically stop crying either, attending to two or three things at the same time becomes routine.

But sometimes you can't just do it all alone, and help is required. It is always a beautiful thing when friends and family help out with babies, but it is all the more appealing when total strangers rise up to the occasion.

This proves that there are still good and kind-hearted people out there.

A man from Alabama has proven to be a real gentleman when he rose to the occasion by helping out a mother who was having trouble filling out her hospital forms and tending to her sleeping baby.

Natasha Wilson, who was also present, took a picture of the cute moment and posted it. The post went viral and gained millions of likes and comments.

Natasha identified the man as Joe Hale. When Joe realized the mother was struggling with filling her forms and holding her child, he offered to care for her baby while she dealt with the paperwork.

Like an expert, he soothed her baby until she was sound asleep in his arms and the baby remained this way until Joe was called for his appointment.

Wilson posted the picture with a lengthy caption that praised the kind man.

A part of the caption read:

“This man gave me hope & a sweet memory I'd never forget.”

Reactions to the post had people commending Joe for his kind act, and encouraging people all over to help out others, always, whenever they had the chance to.

Though Wilson did not identify the woman or the baby, we are sure that wherever she is, the mother appreciated Joe Hale's kind gesture.

More people like Joe Hale are needed all over the world, people with selfless attitudes, ready to help someone, even if they are strangers, whenever they can.

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