19 Year Old Girl Loses Memory After Suffering From Seizures And Forgets Everything. Months Later, She Falls In Love With Her Boyfriend All Over Again

Date November 2, 2018

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself unable to remember your name? What would you do if your entire life became nothing more than a story to you, and you even had to meet your own family again?

What would you do if you suddenly forgot that you had a boyfriend, and had to deal with the confusion that comes along with memory loss? 

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Jess Sharman went through all this, and her life began to seem like something out of the pages of the script of an Oscar-winning movie.

The 19-Year-old was riding the tube as she often did on her way to work when she suffered some seizures. In the year 2010, she was diagnosed with frontal lobe epilepsy and, after her seizures, she was told she had retrograde amnesia.

According to her, her entire world came crashing down around her that day. She was surrounded by who were nothing more than strangers to her, claiming to be her family.

She was told various things about herself that she had no recollection of. She had no idea about what she liked or didn't, what her strengths and weaknesses were, or what personality she had. She felt alone.


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Following the seizures and diagnoses, she couldn't continue working. She also had to be reintroduced to her father, Gary, 56, and her mother, Lisa, 49. Lisa recollects how her mother had to convince her that they were related, with pictures, and how she, not knowing how she looked, had to check her reflection in a mirror to confirm it.  

She had to discover her own personality once more. 

In the midst of all that was her boyfriend, Richard Bishop, a man of 25 who she had no recollection of, but whom she agreed to begin dating again.

Trying to start things with Rich once more wasn't easy, and two weeks later she decided to break up with him. He was a stranger at that time, and she didn't think it possible to regain whatever he claimed they had.

However, she noted how vehemently he fought against the breakup and how convinced he was that they would get back what they had. Assured that he cared deeply for her, she agreed to give it a shot.

Like a fairytale ending, she fell in love with the man she once loved, again, and they are both happy.

However, because medics said her memory might take up to 6 months to return - if they do return at all. Naturally, due to her condition, there is a looming fear that she could lose her new memories, too.

The six months have come and gone and there have been no recovered memories, but the love between Jess and Rich is growing stronger and stronger every day.

She lost her memories due to epilepsy, and couldn't even remember her name, but the love of her family and her boyfriend helped her through the trying times.

Love is indeed a beautiful thing!  

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