Family of 10 live in a 3 bedroom apartment


Large Family Of 10 Cramped Into 3-Bedroom Apartment Cry Out For Help As New Baby Is On The Way

Date June 11, 2019 15:23

When you have little children, you need all the space you can get. This is why an Oxford family with eight children between the ages of one and fifteen are desperately calling out for help.

Stewart Davenport has lived with his partner in a 3-bedroom apartment for the past five years. Between the two of them, they have eight children and stepchildren, and the oldest child in the family is expecting her child by September.

Davenport explained that the house in Rose Hill, Oxford, is so cramped that five kids share one bedroom.

Things got so bad that he had to build a conservatory in the yard to create more room. Unfortunately, the Oxford City Council pulled it down because it didn't have planning permission.

He moaned:

"We had to have an ambulance come a few months ago, and the paramedics couldn't believe that there were so many people sleeping in the same place."

He added that the kids don't have space to play or even quietly study their school books, so they are falling behind in their studies.

With the introduction of Universal Credit, which is a welfare system that combines six existing payments into one, the family now has to depend on a £500 monthly income.

In a bid to make matters better, they have tried to swap houses with smaller families on the welfare scheme, but due to the seedy nature of their neighborhood, other families have turned them down.

The Head of the Housing Services, Stephen Clarke, has said they are doing everything they can to develop sustainable solutions that will help families like the Davenports.

However, the family has had a lot of false hope, so they are not sure if things will work out this time. They are, therefore, calling on others to help.

It's unfortunate that they have to live in such a condition with a baby on the way. We hope the government does something hastily to salvage the situation.

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