Baby Born Without Skull Celebrates 1st Birthday Despite The One-Day Lifespan Doctors Gave Him

Date November 1, 2018 18:01

Miracles are real; some incredibly impossible things happen that rekindle your faith in the supernatural. Things that medicine and science have no explanation for.

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 It is at this point you realize that, as long as there is life, there is hope.

Parents’ love for their children is forever and unconditional, pure, demanding nothing in return.

A parent will do anything for their child, protecting them from external and internal harm.

But, then, there are some things parents have no control over, regardless of their love for their children knowing no bounds.  

Meet Owen Masterson. While he was still developing, the doctors had told his parents that he would ‘not be compatible with life,‘ therefore, they shouldn't expect him to live past the first day, if he survived pregnancy at all.

You see, Owen had developed properly from the neck down, but his skull was a different matter, as it wasn't developing at all.

The doctors, while doing a pre-natal scan on Owen, realized they could not see his head in any of their scan images. In confusion, they referred them to another hospital for more specific scans.

They were referred to a specialist at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University in St. Louis.

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This was where they found out Owen had acalvaria.

Acalvaria is a rare condition that leads to an absence of the flat skull bones and scalp muscles, thereby stopping the development of the skull itself. It is diagnosed by detecting the presence of skin covering the brain part where a skull should be.

Devastated after receiving this tragic news, the Mastersons still had to hear from the doctors that abortion was a way out, but they refused to consider this - they decided to go ahead with their pregnancy as they knew there was a purpose for Owen's life.

His mother, Jessica, says she was scared about her due date, as she knew she could not protect him once he was outside the womb.

But they had hope.

On September 2017, Jessica went into labor and two hours late Owen was born.

His family was overwhelmed with joy to hear him cry, but they feared every moment they spent with him would be his last.

A day and a half later, the doctors were amazed by Owen's survival and are still surprised  now as he celebrates his first birthday.

From one day to one year. A medical miracle! Owen's family are glad to have him around and are showing him all the love and care they can.

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