Cop Breaks Down In Tears While Recounting The Details Of A Child Rescue He Described As Worst Case He Has Ever Seen

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March 19, 2019 12:47 By Mambee

Child abuse is a terrible crime. It affects our society in many ways, and it involves preying on helpless kids and making them go through horrible experiences. The consequences include physical and psychological harm, death or, in most cases, a lost childhood.

Often, people mistake child abuse for physical violence alone, but it goes beyond that.

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Cop Breaks Down In Tears While Recounting The Details Of A Child Rescue He Described As Worst Case He Has Ever SeenNatalia Lebedinskaia /

There are other forms which are more rampant, and subtle, thus making it hard to notice. An example is emotional abuse whereby the child's emotional needs are ignored. Others include neglect and sexual abuse.

These terrible acts have grave consequences on these children, and sometimes, if not for a timely intervention from helpers, they pay the ultimate price.

Horrible case of child abuse

When Shane Grady, an Idaho State Trooper (IST), was put in front of the cameras by local news agency KHQ, he could not hold back his tears.

As he finally managed to get a hold of himself, Shane disclosed what he described as the worst case of child abuse he had ever seen. If he and his team had not intervened at that moment, two-year-old 'baby J' wouldn't have made it.

 It was on December 11 and one IST, Justin Klitch, pulled over a van for a traffic violation. It was there that he noticed a badly bruised woman and two toddlers at the back seat, aged two and one.

The two-year-old was also severely wounded. With the assistance of other officers present at the scene, the van was searched. A gun and methamphetamine were found.

The driver, Gonzalez-Vergl, was arrested, and it was noticed that the 2-year-old toddler's wounds were fatal. Speaking narrated the situation to KHQ News.

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Little Baby J was rushed to Sacred Heart Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Spokane, Washington. Fortunately, he got there in time, and they were able to save him. 

On December 15th, the state police department disclosed through their Twitter page that he was out of intensive care and was doing okay.

Both toddlers have been put under state custody, and investigations are currently ongoing for child abuse.

Steps to take in when child abuse is suspected

If not for the timely intervention of the men of the police force, Baby J would probably not have made it. This is why it is important to always be vigilant and look out for victims of child abuse because you might be that child's only chance at survival.

The signs include bruises, aggressive behavior, and intimidation.

Cop Breaks Down In Tears While Recounting The Details Of A Child Rescue He Described As Worst Case He Has Ever SeenVeronica Louro /

Victims of sexual abuse often show in their sex organs, STDs and advanced knowledge the act. Bad grooming, malnutrition and stunted growth are symtoms of neglect.

If such signs are noticed, an report should be made to adequate authorities immediately.

Most times, perpetrators of child abuse play on the helplessness and innocent nature of these children, allowing them to persist for years. This is why it takes someone from the outside to help the victms.

Child abuse is a world menace and it requires a lot of effort from us all to be put an end to.

Even though this story is devastating, many families choose taking care of the new baby. This story is proving how wonderful parenting can be!

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