Mom Took To Facebook To Write Funny Poem About Public Breastfeeding After Frustration From Judgmental Onlookers

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December 14, 2018 15:50 By Mambee

Imagine you're at the mall, a baby starts crying making your shopping experience a little less impressive than you had hoped. Then, you turn to the mom and she whips out her breast to feed the kid.

You're shocked. It's a public space, after all, but then your logical side reminds you that babies need milk, so why not?

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Mom Took To Facebook To Write Funny Poem About Public Breastfeeding After Frustration From Judgmental OnlookersIryna Inshyna /

Many people have found themselves in situations when they are faced with a nursing mother breastfeeding in public. While some people are indifferent on the matter of public breastfeeding, others are staunchly against it. However, all bias aside, whether or not it should be done is a personal matter and one's beliefs should never be imposed on another.

Whitney Huntwork, a nursing mother, tired of the comments and looks of disgust she got when feeding her child in public, took to the virtual streets of Facebook.

In a brave and heavily applauded move, she posted a picture of herself in a grocery store breastfeeding her child with both arms akimbo, superhero style, and her head held high.

Not satisfied with just posting the compelling picture, she also added a poem that was both funny and amazing.

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The start of the poem read:

"Anytime. Anywhere. You can stare, I don't care. I'll feed my hungry child, here or there, if you don't like my boob, I still don't care. A Restaurant? A store? It's boob juice galore! "

It circulated the internet fast as mothers worldwide could relate to the funny but realistic poetry. Since its upload, the post has been shared more than 170,000 times, something Whitney probably never expected to happen.

Many mothers have commented on the act and praised her for being a stellar mother.

When faced with a crying, hungry child or faux-modesty, most mothers would opt for feeding their child. It’s just maternal instincts that no one should be shamed for.

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