OMG! Mom And Twins Daughters Look Exactly The Same. Can You

OMG! Mom And Twins Daughters Look Exactly The Same. Can You Tell Who is Who?

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January 28, 2019 15:35 By Mambee

Okay, it's not unusual to see siblings and their parents with a striking resemblance, but this mom and her daughters may have just raised the bar to a very high level.

A picture which featured mom, Trina Brown, and her daughters, Kyla and Kaylan, made its way to the internet a while ago. Since it's upload, it has left users going berserk at the sight of the ageless mom and her beautiful daughters.

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In the photo, they are seen looking the same, but the bigger surprise is the age difference between them. Trina is 35, while her twin daughters are just 16.

Of course, you wouldn't be able to tell that, and this is what's setting the internet on fire.


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After some controversy, Trina finally confessed her identity. While speaking to NY Daily News on the occurrence, she jokingly said:

“I am the one in the black blazer on the left. We didn't expect a random picture from when I was picking up the girls from school would lead up to this.”


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Well, Trina, it has led up to that, and much, much more.

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It was also reported that the family was getting so much attention that they had to hire a media handler. The twin sisters are rocking their new found fame, and inquiries are coming in from all over the world. That includes big rollers like Ellen Degeneres, as disclosed by Christopher Eclipse, the twins’ manager.


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The sisters also shared that they were victims of this rather adorable features themselves. Their teachers often mistook them for one another, and in some cases, it can land them in trouble.

"My sister and I have lunch periods back to back, and there was this one time that one of my teachers thought I was cutting class when I went to lunch because she had just seen my sister in the cafeteria."


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Well, the trio is enjoying the new popularity and run an Instagram page that features them all. Mom Trina has attributed her evergreen looks to exercise and good food, while the girls are using their fame to further their dreams of becoming pharmacists.

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