Together At Last: While Taking Photos Of A Homeless Man, Pho


Together At Last: While Taking Photos Of A Homeless Man, Photographer Is Reunited With Her Father Who Had Been Absent Since She Was 5

Date March 11, 2019 19:34

Diana Kim had always been interested in taking photographs of the homeless because, in a certain way, she felt like she could relate to them.

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Kim and her mum experienced some tough times and had to spend the night in a park or in a car if no relative or friend would have them. 

The only thing Kim's father left her was his knowledge of photography. as he was a photographer. and Kim followed in his footsteps.


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In 2003, Kim gained admission into college, and it was then she started taking pictures for herself, with her primary focus being on homeless people. She said

“I feel that I can understand their pain from a certain angle. I know what it meant to be abandoned and forgotten. I also know the pain of not being able to get a stable life and economic freedom that I long because I have experienced it all.”


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Unknown to her, her area of interest in photography would still be a blessing.

Fast forward to 2012, Kim became a professional photographer, but her passion for having homeless people in front of her lens had not changed.

It was during one of her photoshoots featuring the homeless in Honolulu that she spotted her father standing on a street corner, homeless and alone.


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Although Kim recognized her father at once, the same could not be said of him as he had not seen her since she was 5.

She even walked up to him and called him 'Dad,' but her father did not even seem to notice her, much less reply to her.

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It was at the point Kim was trying to talk to her father that a lady walked up to her and told her to ignore him as that was the way he always stood there, staring blankly.

Apparently, Kim's father had severe schizophrenia, and as much as she tried over the next two years, Kim could not get him to go to a hospital.  

However, she refused to give up and kept going to see him regularly. Eventually, her luck changed. On that fateful day, she heard that he had suffered a heart attack and was rushed to a hospital.

Kim could not have been happier as she knew he would get the necessary treatment for his schizophrenia as well. 

Thankfully, Kim's father is now better, and Kim gifted him with her old camera to help rekindle his interest in photography and give him something to live for.

Kim's father now spends a lot of time with his friends and is actively looking for a job.

We are happy for Kim and her father. It is amazing how their love for photography kept them connected somehow and it was the means to reunite them after years apart.

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