Mother Shares How Her 8-Month-Old Son Died In His Sleep. What Caused It And How To Prevent It

Date December 4, 2018

One of the worse things that could happen to a parent is the loss of a child. This is much more traumatizing when there is no prior reason or apparent cause for the casualty.

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Mother Shares How Her 8-Month-Old Son Died In His Sleep. What Caused It And How To Prevent It

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This sometimes happens because of a condition named known as  SIDS, an acronym for sudden infant death syndrome. It is an unforeseen condition in which toddlers pass away in their sleep, even though they are entirely healthy.

Although it remains rare, it has brought about painful consequences for families. Unfortunately, a 21-year-old mother, Kyrstyn Johnson, had to go through them.

Mother loses her 8-month-old son to SIDS

Kyrstyn is from Idaho. She had her son, Micheal, in 2017. Although he had two older siblings, she claimed she had a different connection with him. He was her 'baby boy.’

It was eight months since they welcomed him into the family, and he would very soon be celebrating his first birthday. Kyrstyn was happy about this.  

One day, while the mom was out with a friend, she received a shocking call and was told she needed to get home quickly.

Of course, she got worried and scared,  but it never crossed her mind that she would be coming back to hear her child was gone.

His father, Trevian, had been unable to wake him up from sleep when he tried to. Michael wasn't breathing at all.

He had passed away in his sleep, and this was more painful because he was completely healthy. Further investigations proved that he had died due to SIDS.

He wasn't within the age range when the risk of suffering from the condition is high, but still, he had it, and it took his life.

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Kyrstyn claims it has not been an easy experience. She never thought this could happen, and couldn't believe her boy was gone.

The only way she found healing was by sharing her story, which she did. She's now working towards helping those going through similar experiences and making people aware of the condition.

Micheal's story is one of the several cases of infants who are victims of SIDS. The 'Bernie baby' who became an internet sensation when a photo of him dressed as politician Bernie Sanders also passed away as a result of SIDS. Bernie baby, whose real name was Oliver Jack Lomas-Davis was described as an adorable infant who brought smiles on people's faces.

Causes of SIDS and how to prevent it

Although SIDS is unpredictable, experts have managed to narrow its causes and find ways to avoid them.

The primary cause of SIDS is the sleeping environment. Babies in their first few months are vulnerable and helpless. Therefore, putting them to sleep in a non-conducive environment can lead to problems.

Cramped areas, among older toddlers and parents, and poor sleeping positions which affect their breathing, such as sleeping on their stomach, should be avoided.

Reducing the risk of SIDS.

Some simple steps may help reduce the risk of SIDS. First, try as much as possible to ensure your baby sleeps on their back. Sleeping on their side has been found to increase the possibility of SIDS. 

Secondly, make sure the sleeping area is very conducive. This entails the absence of pillows, toys and other objects that can disturb their breathing.

Lastly, always keep an eye on your baby and watch out for any disturbance.

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