How Amazing! Couple Celebrate Milestone As They Welcome The 100th Grandchild Into Their Very Large Family

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December 5, 2018 15:48 By Mambee

If Leo and Ruth Zanger told you they had a large family, you'd think they meant about six kids and a few more grandhildren.

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But that is indeed not the case here. The couple, who got married over six decades ago, has 12 children. At the time, it seemed like a pretty large family but, unknown to them, it was about to get much larger.

They now have over 100 descendants: 53 grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren and a great-great-grandchild.

Now, they have 53 grandchildren, 45 great-grandchildren and a great great grandchild. And that’s not all! They just celebrated a milestone and welcomed the 100th Zanger, a grandson called Jaxton Leo Zanger, to the family.

Leo and his wife Ruth were pretty anxious about the arrival of their grandchild, despite having such a large family already.

The oldest of the couple's 12 children is 58, and by the time they had their last kid, he already had a lot of nieces and nephews waiting for him. Surprisingly, the big family manages to stay together, celebrating holidays alongside one another.

Surprisingly, the big family manages to stay together, celebrating holidays alongside one another.

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Some of the children and their loved ones also work with their father in running a estate development company in their hometown.

Well, this is not surprising considering they make up a big chunk of the community and would need a lot of houses.

While speaking about the arrival of the 100th grandchild Jaxton, Leo claimed he was unaware.

He knew the children had a competition going on about who would be the one to reach the milestone by having a baby first but he didn't think it was done until Donna, the family historian, notified him.

Although Donna is one of Leo and Ruth's children, she acts as the family's unofficial historian, making sure everyone is connected and up to date on family affairs.

It doesn't look like the Zanger's family is going to take a break anytime soon, because there are many young couples, and many more children to come.

Leo disclosed that he would love having more grandkids and that he and his wife would treat each one like the first.

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