A Video Of A Masseuse ‘Massaging’ A Baby Boy Sparks Controversy Because The Baby Seems To Be Handled Roughly

Date October 17, 2018 13:59

When we hear the word "massage", several words spring to mind, including "soothing" and "soft".

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A massage helps loosen the body up, freeing those pockets of stress and tension and leaving you more relaxed.

However, after watching the video of a professional masseuse and a baby, you will certainly begin associating it with the word "horror".

Many have been completely taken aback by this, finding it hard to watch the video of a masseuse, from Kazakhstan, massaging a baby in a very odd way.

In the video, Larissa Orynbasarovna is seen spinning and tossing the baby boy around, rag-doll style, by his arms and his ankles.

A Video Of A Masseuse ‘Massaging’ A Baby Boy Sparks Controversy Because The Baby Seems To Be Handled RoughlyInformOverload / YouTube

The disturbing clip, which has been uploaded recently, shows the woman swinging the baby while holding on to his head.

Reportedly, Larissa, 35, claims that the technique is one that is healing with regards to babies. From watching the video, the healing possibilities are not immediately apparent, and experts in the UK would agree.

According to them, tossing and spinning a baby around like that can easily cause dislocations, or even worse, damage the child's spinal cord.

A member of the Foundation of Paediatric Osteopathy, Stuart Korth, expressed his concerns about the video.

He described the clip as concerning, stating that while some of the movements are okay, the extreme ones could truly harm the baby.

He points out that the force which Larissa applies to the baby's neck could easily damage his spinal cord, which would be a disaster.

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Furthermore, he states that while it is important to keep the baby moving, common sense would indicate that those methods are simply uncalled for.

While Korth agrees that a child can be swung gently, he states that the neck and shoulders must be supported properly for that to work.

On her own defense, Larissa who has worked in the industry for 11 years, states that she loved helping children and her technique enables her to do that.

She claims to have helped a lot of children suffering from crooked feet, and even neck curls, with her massage technique

Larissa's technique has become popular in Kazakhstan and many parents pay good money for the so-called professionals to carry it out on their kids.

The cringe-worthy video was posted online and has since sparked a lot of outrage from social media users.

Many are shocked that a baby would be handled like that, and state that it is completely unnecessary to hand them as such in their fragile state, and it is uncalled for, too.

Useful tips for performing a baby massage

Although a massage helps a baby sleep better, if it is not done properly it could lead to serious harm. It is important to take some precautions when massaging a baby.

1. Many experts agree that the correct type of massage can help a child’s musculoskeletal system, improve blood circulation and muscle tone. However, they strongly advise that the massage be held off until the baby is at least two months old.

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2. Avoid pulling at the baby’s wrist when massaging the arms.


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3. Babies are to be handled softly and massaged following downward stroke patterns to avoid applying pressure on their spine.

Anyone who is not familiar with baby massaging should make sure they have received proper instructions from a licensed pediatrician before carrying out any attempt.

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