An Engineer In The Making: Smart Baby Devises Method Of Getting Down From Bed

Date October 1, 2018 14:59

Keeping eagle-like watch over the little ones at home is what any sane parent would do. If anything happened to them, the world would call you a negligent parent and you would never live down the guilt of allowing harm come to your precious child. However, does this kind of attention ever go overboard? Can kids cater for themselves more than we give them credit for?

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A video of a toddler trying to get down from a mattress might make you think that it is okay to look away from a child every now and then, or to allow them to work out solutions when in a fix.

A father posted this amazing clip of how his little baby showed some resourcefullness. The toddler was trying to get down from the bed, but then realized that it was too great a height for him. Did he give up and remained in bed, letting out wail? Nope!

undefinedScoobS47 / YouTube

The smart boy picked up 3 pillows and stacked them on the floor. Once the setup was ready, the baby gingerly made his way down! He landed on the stack which cushioned his fall.

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Who knew such a little baby could pull off such a feat?

It was as though an adolescent was trapped in his body. The father went on to call the baby a genius as he posted it on YouTube. Who knows? He may be an engineer in the making.

As stated earlier, perhaps parents need to loosen their grip on kids a little more. Children are capable of doing a lot more than we can imagine, especially when given the chance to apply themselves. They can figure out answers in quite astounding ways.

undefinedScoobS47 / YouTube

There is no need to be an overprotective mom or dad and keep rushing to the rescue all the time. A few bumps and grazes never killed anyone. Allow them to have their fun and explore the world on their own terms. That is how strong, reliable and critically-thinking individuals are molded.

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