"I Made Her, I Own Her”: Mother Shares Controversial Photo Of Her Daughter’s Pierced Dimples And Defends It

Date October 2, 2018

Whether it is right to alter a child's looks and make body changes while they are still at a very young age still remains a subject of several debates. From piercings to cuts and circumcision, all these alterations have been a subject of discussion for a while.

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A mother, Enedina Vance, took this topic a step further when she shared a picture of her baby with a dimple piercing. Although many people were unaware of her underlying reasons, it caused a lot of outrage. Enedina captioned the image shared: 

"It looks so cool right??! I know she's gonna love it She'll thank me when she's older, if she doesn't like it she can just take it out, no big deal.  I'm the parent, she's my child, I will do whatever I want I make all of her decisions until she is 18. I made her, I own her, I don't need anyone. I think it's better, cuter & prefers to have her dimples pierced... "

The photo went viral and sparked a public outrage. It got so intense that Enedina Vance started receiving death threats. However, people started to notice a hashtag below the post, which gave a whole new meaning to the post.

It was then discovered that Enedina, a mother of 6, was passing a message across on how she thought altering a child's appearance is wrong, particularly that of circumcision. She claimed her attention was first brought to the topic when she had her son, and the doctor asked if she wanted his foreskin removed.

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Many people finally got her point and went ahead to share her ideas on how it was wrong. Others did not feel the same way. An account who was moved by her post had this to say,

"In America, strapping a child into restraints and ripping his penis is normal. But talking against it is inappropriate"

Enedina was trying to prove that, if parents were so against altering the looks of children with things like piercings, they should also be against other alterations, such as circumcision. This mother has started a conversation and it will take the whole world to keep it going.

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