Toddler With Down's Syndrome Recites The Alphabet On A Viral Video, And It Is Beyond Heartwarming

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October 4, 2018 15:51 By Mambee

A lot of us can recall a time when reciting the alphabet correctly and being able to say our 1,2,3’s was the biggest achievement we could boast of. Back then, our teachers made us learn them as they were an integral basis for what would come next.

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This Facebook video, which has gone viral since it was posted, shows a young Down syndrome boy going through the process of reciting the ABC, as we all did.

The clip was uploaded by Pam Sapp, and the boy in the video is her 2-year-old grandson, John David. It is currently one of the most adorable videos on the internet.

In the video, John David can be seen reciting the alphabet after his grandma, Pam. He is doing just fine until he gets to ‘W’, where he stumbles a little. But before long, he picks it up again and zooms off towards the end. His reaction when they get to ‘Z’ is simply precious and one of the highlights of the post.

Reportedly, she found out he could recite them when one of his aunts saw him do it during a visit and told her, .

Being a doubting Thomas, Sapp made him sit on her lap and recite the alphabet as she recorded it. While recording, she turned the camera, so the happy toddler could watch himself as he recited.

According to Sapp, the two-year-old enjoys watching the video. However, the one thing that truly got to everyone, she said, was the joy he showed while reciting the letters. Reaching the end and knowing that he could really do it clearly made him very happy - and the rest of us, too.

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The charming toddler was born  eight weeks premature. So far, together with his mother, he has been learning the alphabet using books. Hannah Sapp Marlin, John's mother, was quoted expressing her joy at the tremendous support that has been poured on her and her family.

She hopes the video will serve as a means of encouraging other mothers out there who may be in the same situation as she is. She wants them to know that,

There's hope, and there's also help' stating that early intervention had a big part to play in his recent successes.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately one in 700 babies in the United States is born with Down's Syndrome.

This genetic disorder occurs when there is a whole or partial extra copy of chromosome 21. Although its cause is unknown and there is no present cure for the anomaly, it can be well managed through therapy and care.

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