Bride Can't Hold Tears As She Hears Her Late Father's Voice On Her Wedding Day

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October 10, 2018 17:20 By Mambee

Losing someone you care about is a very painful and heartbreaking experience. Once true love is shared, however, it shall forever remain in our hearts despite the fact that the person might no longer be around physically.

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Bride Can't Hold Tears As She Hears Her Late Father's Voice On Her Wedding DayThe West Family / YouTube

This was the case for beautiful Utah bride, Kaley West Young. Her brothers went beyond the ordinary to remind her of her father's love on her big day.

Kaley's wedding was fast approaching, and one of the traditional events in the program was the father-daughter dance. But, unfortunately, Kaley's father, David Jean West, had passed away suddenly a few years before, in 2015.

It was a painful moment for Kaley, and so, her brothers went on a quest to make their sister's big day memorable.

Bride Can't Hold Tears As She Hears Her Late Father's Voice On Her Wedding DayThe West Family / YouTube

When the day came, as Kaley stood on the dance floor, she could not hold own her tears as she watched as the events that unfolded.

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Her brothers - Danny, Derek, Dustin, Kevin, and Kasey - had taken the liberty of making a clip of her father's most beautiful moments with her, and the clips were accompanied by Michael Bolton's ‘Fathers and Daughters’ song.

It was an amazing experience. The whole house was almost brought to tears as Kaley's father’s voice played in the background, and his sons took turns to dance with her, reminding her that he was always going to be there.

The video, which regsitered this beautiful moment, went viral and caught the attention of the music legend Micheal Bolton himself, who quickly came forward to share how he was greatly honoured and moved not only by the fact that his song was used for such an amazing experience but also by the brothers' gesture.

The world was interested in such an incredible experience, and WJLA-TV managed to contact the beautiful bride, who was on her honeymoon in Italy.

Kaley was astonished by it all, which can be confirmed by her statement while speaking to the news agency, which read,

"Every single person experiences loss, or will experience loss. In those moments, can be deep sorrow or despair. However, I want it to be a reminder that you're never alone. Love transcends beyond the physical body and whoever is going through a great loss, no matter what it may be. You are never alone and you are loved"

Kaley has just reminded us that the loss of a loved one is inevitable, but it's what we do with their memories that matter most.

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Her dad may not have been on that dance floor physically, but the love which her brothers shared with her is a great reminder of him and his love for them.