Nebraska Couple Have Extra Reason To Smile Again As They Welcome Baby Boy After The Loss Of Their First Son

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September 14, 2018 19:35 By Mambee

The old saying 'Joy comes in the morning' has never proven truer as in the case of a Nebraska couple, Matt and Melissa Graves. The couple was in top spirits as they made a press release, informing the world of the birth of their son, Christian Graves. 

This couple first came into the limelight when they lost their firstborn son, Lane Graves, under very unfortunate circumstances at a Disney resort.

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One does not need to have a child of their own in order to be able to relate to the pain the parents must have felt. Despite all this, Matt and Melissa, rather than allow the painful loss cause them to lose the zest for life, launched the Lane Thomas Foundation.

The foundation was launched in memory of their late son and aims at helping the families of children who need organ donations, thus preventing them from experiencing the pain the Graves have been through.

In spite of being created to keep the memory of young Lane alive, one cannot deny the imporance of the purpose for which the foundation exists.

This is a testament to the character and giving nature of Matt and Melissa Graves, and a perfect way to have their son remembered.  Sometime in June, they made a tribute to their late son on the Lane Thomas Foundation Facebook page. It was the second anniversary of his passing.

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Apart from the foundation, Lane has been honoured in other ways. Last year, a lighthouse statue was built by Disney in honor of the late youngster. Knowing such history of loss and pain, one can now imagine the joy the family must feel at the arrival of little Christian Lane Graves, the newest member of the family. 

In the release made, Matt and Melissa wrote,

“We are happy to announce the birth of our son, Christian Lane Graves. Although we know the pain of losing Lane will never go away, we feel God has blessed our family with this precious miracle of life."

The couple also has a daughter, Ella, who,  according to their parents, together with her baby brother Christian Lane Graves, are being watched over by their big brother, Lane.

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