Three Nurses Invent C-Section Drape To Ease Mother-Baby Contact

Date October 12, 2018 12:37

Quite a large number of women deliver their babies through a C-section in the United States, about a third of them, actually. Inasmuch as the process has been made increasingly safer, a few drawbacks remain. Chief among them is the dilemma of maintaining the sterility of the operating site and allowing the mother to enjoy immediate contact with her baby.

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Usually, during the procedure, a drape is put up to keep the surgical environment sterile, but it blocks the mother’s view of the birth. Afterward, mothers have to wait between 5-30 minutes before they can hold their babies. This is largely different from vaginal births, where immediate contact between mother and child is possible.

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Belonging to the school of thought that believes in family-centered caesareans, three nurses came together to proffer a solution to the problem. With about 50 years of experience amongst them, Kim Jarrelle, Debbie Burbic, and Jessamine Niccoli invented a drape they call the Skin-to-Skin C-Section Drape.

It makes it so that a flap can be opened to pass the baby to the mother right after birth and then fastened with Velcro to protect the integrity of the surgical area while the doctors suture up the incision and clean up.

Three Nurses Invent C-Section Drape To Ease Mother-Baby ContactMother and childFamVeld /

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This incredible invention puts to rest the choice between sterility and mother-baby contact. Jarelle commented that,

“…we wanted to make a more intimate experience for mom and baby. Why should they be robbed of the [vaginal birth] experience and skin-to-skin benefits?”

In the 3 years it took the trio to develop this invention, they studied texts that showed the various benefits of skin-to-skin contact for both mother and child. They took their work to a top-notch level by ensuring that their drape is of the highest quality so as to put to bed all concerns.

They explained that accepting new methods in the Operating Room (OR) is often difficult but, hopefully, their product will gain widespread acceptance in no time.

The super-nurses, who are also the founders of the company Clever Medical, went all the way to contact a lawyer to get a patent for their invention.

These ladies sure are clever!

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