Father And Son Save Missing Teen With Special Needs After Seeing The Word "Help" Scratched On The Road

Date November 9, 2018 15:38

Do you have a family who has raised special needs children, or have you raised a special needs child? It is a very tasking procedure as they require more attention and care than regular children do.

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However, like ordinary children, they also grow up and start staying on their own. But parents of this special needs children are always scared as they fret about how their children would cope on their own without their guidance.

Father And Son Save Missing Teen With Special Needs After Seeing The Word "Help" Scratched On The Roadwavebreakmedia /

 Accidents are more likely to happen to special needs people than regular people.

This was the case of 19-year-old Kathryn Ogle from Hayden Idaho who alongside many medical conditions had a cognitive impairment which meant that her brain was developing at a level of someone who is half her age.

Kathryn is a 5’4 teenager with blonde hair, and you might see her as every regular teenager, but she always struggled with everyday situations.

On a fateful day, Kathryn was reported missing; she left home with only sweatshirts and pants without any shoes.

The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office immediately organized 40 people to go in search of her as they were aware of her condition.

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They also warned people who were not part of the search And rescue Mission to avoid the area where they were searching for Kathryn. All hands were on deck to find her. Ironically, it was a father and son who were on vacation that saved the day. Ryan Gordon and his stepfather Chris Trumbich who while on a hunting trip saw writing which looked like the word ‘help.’

Immediately, they alerted the authorities, and they followed them to the area where they had seen the message, they followed the trail and finally heard her asking for help, they followed her voice and saw her by the fire, leaning up against a tree.

Thankfully, the situation hadn't gotten out of control, and Kathryn was successfully rescued.

Of course, Special needs children cannot be looked after all day, but it is essential that their whereabouts are always known.

Also, dangerous objects should be kept far away from them, so they would not hurt themselves. We are happy Kathryn's story had a beautiful ending and wish her the best in life.

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