7-Year-Old Boy Who Grew Out His Hair To Donate To Cancer Patients Was Diagnosed With Cancer Weeks Later

Date December 4, 2018

7-year-old Vinny Desautels wanted to make a difference. So, for two years, the kind young boy grew out his hair to help kids with cancer. In an interview with FOX in 2016, Vinny said he wanted to do his part to help people.

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He succeeded in growing his hair 13 inches, which was later cut off and donated. It was an amazingly selfless thing the boy did and he asked for nothing in return.

Vinny's dad, Jason Desautels, said that while his son was growing his hair, he was mistaken for a girl many times, but that did not bother the brave boy one bit.

Sadly, weeks after doing this sweet thing, Vinny was diagnosed with stage 4 aggressive cancer.

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The dad said:

Basically, what they found is that he has a significant growth on his hip and in the bone around the eye and behind the nose and on the cheek on the right side.

It was a challenging time for the whole family, although Vinny remained optimistic. The little boy was having trouble seeing clearly but he was determined to fight this.

Amanda Azevedo, Vinny's mom, was also ready to battle the condition as a family. 

What's going on with Vinny today?

It's been two years since that heartbreaking diagnosis but there's good news. While sharing a post to celebrate Vinny's tenth birthday in September, it was revealed that Vinny is cancer-free

In a subsequent Facebook post, the family shared that things are looking good this holiday season. He had a checkup with his oncologist and the results are great. 

His ultrasound of his heart was “beautiful” and labs came back normal.

Vinny is certainly a victor. Even though his journey must have been a difficult and challenging one, it warms our hearts to see that he's doing great today.

The incredible selflessness he showed and his subsequent bravery through his cancer battle makes Vinny a true hero. 

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