'I Fell In Love As Soon As I Saw Them': Nurse Adopts Twins W

'I Fell In Love As Soon As I Saw Them': Nurse Adopts Twins With Genetic Condition After Their Biological Parents Couldn't Take Care Of Them

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March 19, 2019 14:20 By Mambee

A 56-year-old grandma, Linda Trepanier, was looking forward to retirement when a set of twins came into her life and stole her heart. 

Linda, who was already a mother to six children, decided to take on the challenging, yet rewarding task of adopting twins who were born with a rare genetic deformity.

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Now she has dedicated herself to giving them the best life she possibly could.

When Matthew and Marshall Trepanier were four weeks old, their biological parents were deemed unfit to care for them so Linda decided to take them in as a foster carer.

Child Protective Services then asked the kind-hearted nurse if she would like to adopt one of the boys at which point Linda replied that she would never dream of separating the adorable twins. She said:

When I first saw the twins I thought they were the most adorable little things I had ever seen. I just fell in love with them. I knew in my heart that they were my boys.

Matthew and Marshall have a condition known as Pfieffer Syndrome, and the type the boys were diagnosed with is characterized by severe hand and foot deformities, high foreheads, protruding eye, and displaced ears.

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The boys would require round-the-clock care but Linda believed she was up to the task. She revealed that her family thought she was crazy to take on such a big challenge, considering her age, but she had no doubt in her mind that this was something she wanted to do.

I just feel privileged that I have been able to make a real, positive difference to Matthew and Marshall's lives.

Linda was certain that all these boys needed was love and care and, if they had that, they had a pretty good chance at living independent and happy lives.

She began fostering the kids in 2014 and they have certainly come a long way since then. While admitting that the road had not been completely smooth, she discovered her babies to be "a lot of fun."

Almost always if one twin laughs the other twin will automatically laugh as well.

It's pretty incredible for Linda to choose to sacrifice her time and give Matthew and Marshall a decent shot at a full and happy life.

What a selfless, yet rewarding thing to do for these boys who would have otherwise had a difficult experience. Thank you for being amazing, Linda!

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