Mom Who Was Pregnant With Monochorionic Monoamniotic Twins S

Mom Who Was Pregnant With Monochorionic Monoamniotic Twins Share The Babies' Emotional Journey

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January 21, 2019 18:05 By Mambee

Lisa Hansen and her husband were excitedly waiting to welcome their baby twins, but unfortunately, the little ones had a challenging journey ahead of them. 

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Lisa revealed, in a video which she shared on her YouTube page, that she was pregnant with Monochorionic Monoamniotic (MoMo) twins. 

This condition meant that Lisa's identical twins were developing inside the same amniotic sac. The babies shared a placenta within their mother's uterus, but they had two separate cords for nourishment.

According to TwinsUK, MoMo twins are very rare and they occur in about 1 in 35.000 to 1 in 60.000 pregnancies. MoMo twins are at high risk for complications due to how close the two umbilical cords in the amniotic sac are.

It's possible for the babies to become entangled in each other's cords, which can endanger oxygen and food supply. The survival rate for this type of pregnancy is about 50%.

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Considering all of this, we can understand exactly why Lisa was very concerned about the health of her children. In fact, the parents-to-be were given the option to end the pregnancy because the risks were just that high, but the couple believed that their babies deserved a chance.

Due to the possible complications, Lisa had to be admitted to in-patient care at 23 weeks. It was important that she and the babies were regularly monitored to ensure their safety.

At 32 weeks, Lisa underwent a C-section as doctors did not want the babies to be in the cramped uterus for too long. The couple's daughters, River and Piper, eventually arrived but were immediately taken to the NICU because they could not breathe on their own.

The babies were monitored for weeks but, fortunately, they continued to thrive until they were well enough to go home.

It was truly a tough and emotional journey for all involved, but the fact that River and Piper triumphed through it all makes this a beautiful, hopeful story with an incredible ending!

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