Pregnant Woman Gives Birth Merely Days After Performing CPR On Her Husband And Saving His Life

Date October 29, 2018

A mother became a true hero when she was able to save the life of her husband by performing CPR and, a few days later, she gave birth to their first child. 

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Ashley and Andrew Goette couldn't wait to welcome their first child after facing so many issues with fertility. At 39 weeks of pregnancy, it became up to Ashley to ensure that her husband was alive to see the birth of the baby.

The mom woke up to find Andrew struggling to breathe. She dialed 911 immediately. She told CBS that the dispatcher then walked her through performing CPR on her husband because she had not been previously trained. 

Thankfully, Ashley was able to keep Andrew alive long enough for paramedics to arrive. He was taken to a hospital where the couple was told that Andrew had suffered a cardiac arrest. According to a GoFundMe page set up for the couple, tests showed that Andrew may have suffered a "catastrophic brain injury."

While speaking to Star Tribune, Ashley explained that she could not imagine having their baby without him. She revealed that she has known him since she was a teenager and she was very scared of losing him. The next day, the couple experienced a miracle as Andrew began to get better. His pregnant wife was by his side through it all, assuring him that she would wait until he woke up before she would have the baby. 

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Andrew eventually woke up and, a day later, Ashley was induced. They had to wheel him to her laboring room so he could witness his child's birth, even though he needed constant monitoring himself.

Things got dicey when the induction turned into a C-section. This meant Ashley had to be taken to the operating room and Andrew was left with no choice but to watch his baby being born via FaceTime. 

Their son, Lennon Andrew Goette, was born weighing 6 lbs. and 14 ounces. Even though this was far from what the couple had planned, they were simply grateful that it turned out well in the end and that now they can have a very happy family life!

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