An Adorable Video Shows A Little Baby As She Joins In For Her Family's Prayer

Date November 19, 2018 17:17

A 20-month-old child became an internet sensation thanks to a video of her joining her family when they were saying their prayers

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John Incorvaia shared this short clip of his daughter, Penny, who enthusiastically prayed with her family.

In the video, the little girl extended her hands so they could be held on either side by her parents. And once her father began to pray, Penny closed her eyes and patiently waited until he was done. John can be heard saying a sweet prayer thanking God for the food and his "beautiful girls" and Penny kept her eyes shut the whole time.

The cutie even let out a loud 'Amen' afterward and you could tell her parents were super proud.

As John shared the video of this special moment on YouTube, he explained in the description that this was not a first. Penny would close her eyes for prayer every night, and she was only 20 months old when the video was recorded.

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Many people fell in love with this super sweet clip so it's no surprise that it has gone on to receive more than 909,000 views on YouTube.

According to FOX, this little one even received national attention and has appeared on a few TV shows, all thanks to this video. 

He also revealed that Penny is so in love with prayer time that she never wants to stop. In fact, she loves it so much that they often have to pray 4-5 times every night before they can eat. This beautiful child is obviously very excited to be a part of her family's tradition. 

Her parents certainly couldn't be prouder. And we're grateful to them for giving us a chance to delight in this sweet family moment. Very uplifting indeed!

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