Father Of 7 Whose Wife Passed Away Unexpectedly Receives Touching Gift Thanks To A Secret Santa Surprise

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December 10, 2018 19:12 By Mambee

Dakota and Ream Nelson were happy parents of seven children when tragedy struck. On July 11, Dakota and his wife were hanging out in their garage when the dad stepped outside for a bit to get some tools. 

He returned only a few minutes later to find that Ream had collapsed. She was not breathing. The terrified dad began performing CPR on his wife while yelling for his son to call 911. 

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Paramedics arrived and Ream was taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, because she had been without oxygen for more than 20 minutes, she could not be saved. On September 30, Ream eventually passed away, leaving Dakota to be a single father of seven children ranging from ages 1 to 16.

The widower now works three part-time jobs to keep things going at home. It certainly has been a challenging year for the whole family and they could all surely use a Christmas miracle. 

East Idaho News is helping out those who really need it thanks to a Secret Santa who wanted the publication to help them give away $250,000 during the holiday season. Readers were asked to nominate who they felt deserved it and Dakota was chosen as one of the recipients. 

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The news crew surprised the father and his children as they were heading home from school. They approached him and, after asking him to share his story, he was given a $2,000 gift card and also an $8,000 check.

Dakota was obviously touched by the gesture and the children can be heard making excited sounds. It was such an incredible way to help the family get through the holidays while dealing with such a painful loss. 

A GoFundMe had also been previously set up for the family and many people have been donating there as well. 

Dealing with loss is tough, but one anonymous donor has given this family a reason to smile during the holidays. You, too, can be someone's 'Secret Santa'. By offering just a little kindness, we can all make someone's day a little better and brighter. 

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