Firefighter Adopts Little Girl That He Helped Deliver During A Rescue Mission

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December 5, 2018 19:26 By Mambee

A fireman has gone above and beyond to change the life of a little girl whom he met during a rescue mission. 

Marc Hadden is a firefighter. That means he spends many years saving lives. On November 14, 2011, one particular rescue mission changed his own family.

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A laboring mother had called 911 complaining of abdominal pain. While speaking to People, Marc explained that the rescue team arrived at the scene to help the mother deliver her child. As soon as the baby was put in Marc's hand, however, she began struggling to breathe. They had to administer oxygen and Marc was relieved when he finally heard the baby cry.

At the time, the fireman had no idea that only a few days later, the little baby, named Rebecca Grace, would become his daughter.

Marc and his wife, Beth, who were already parents to two young boys, had always wanted to have another child. Due to the complicated pregnancies experienced by the mom, however, they had to adopt this time around. 

Marc was at the hospital after rescuing that mother and baby when the birth mom said she could not care for the child. Rebecca would be put up for adoption. Marc called his wife to tell her about the baby he had delivered and also about the single mother who could not care for her. 

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Beth was so touched by the story that she visited the mother and child the following day. As both women talked, the birth mother announced that she wanted Beth and Marc to adopt her little girl.

The Hadden's family of four soon became a family of five. Little Gracie got to be a part of the family, and her new parents always made sure she knew her own story. Marc said:

We told her pretty much from day one. She even tells people how “my daddy delivered me in the back of an ambulance [and] helped me take my first breath.

Marc and Beth consider themselves very lucky for the way things turned out. "I’ve always wanted a daughter," the happy dad said.

It's been seven years since Marc met Gracie for the first time and the dad has since continued to share Facebook updates on how things have been going. Based on the happy smile on everyone's faces, it's pretty clear that the little girl is the perfect fit for the Hadden family. 

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