Military Man Gave His Son An Homecoming Surprise By Photo-bombing His Yearbook Photoshoot

Date November 16, 2018 17:29

8-year-old Joshua was preparing to have his school photo taken when his soldier-dad decided to make the moment even more memorable. 

Army Corporal James Bass came home after spending months in Kuwait, away from his family. ABC reported that, as Joshua was posing for the school picture, his father snuck up behind him and photobombed the shot in an epic way. 

Military Man Gave His Son An Homecoming Surprise By Photo-bombing His Yearbook PhotoshootCNN / YouTube

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Joshua had no clue until the photographer then showed him the picture he had just taken. The boy looked at the camera and was shocked to see his dad pulling a goofy jazz-hands pose in the background. At first, he was confused as to how his father showed up in the shot. It was obviously unexpected and it took him a second to figure it out. 

Finally, Joshua was asked by the cameraman to look behind him. The third-grader turned around and the joy he felt was evident on his face as he saw James standing there all decked up in his military uniform.

The boy, of course, leaped into his father's arms in sheer happiness. Fortunately, this incredible moment was captured on camera.

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The video showing the super sweet moment was posted on YouTube and it has now received more than two million views. Many people also took to social media to express their feelings about this special homecoming surprise.

Sometimes, military men and women have to be away from their family for months at a time and this is definitely not easy. Having these  beautiful reunions sure tugs at the heartstrings. For them, there is nothing like coming together after being apart for so long.

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