Mom Posts Important Warning After She Found A Needle In Her Son's Diapers

Date November 20, 2018

A mom named Kayleigh Smith was shocked to discover a needle in her son's diaper. In a Facebook post, she expressed her horror and wondered why anyone would do something so dangerous. 

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Kayleigh said she normally did not buy the Pampers brand, but when she ran out of her favorite diaper type, she decided to get those. However, after putting the diapers on her son, the little boy began pulling at it, looking very uncomfortable. 

The mother suspected something wasn't right so she took a look and that was when she found the needle. By the time she got the diaper off him, the boy had already had scratches on his thigh and bum.

Kayleigh later posted a comment to assure that her son was fine but the story would have been different if he had sat down the wrong way or if she did not notice his discomfort on time.

Kayleigh's post has now gone on to receive over 200 shares and more than 70 comments, many of whom were infuriated on the mother's behalf.

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In an interview, the mom revealed that she was "mortified" and felt "sick to the stomach" when she made that discovery.

To me, it looks like it's been threaded through the nappy. Obviously, you don't know whether it's clean or dirty. It could have been a lot, lot worse.

She added that, as a mom of three, she never felt the need to check her baby's diaper before but she has learned her lesson now. 

Pampers responds

A spokesperson for Pampers, who spoke to BirminghamLive, said they were sorry to hear of the woman's experience but assured there were in communication with the family to get to the bottom of what happened.

Mom Posts Important Warning After She Found A Needle In Her Son's DiapersOksana Kuzmina /

The woman has been asked to return the product she bought so that an investigation can be carried out.

Our nappies are made to very high standards and we have strict quality checks in place at every stage of manufacturing process.

Kayleigh's post is definitely a lesson to parents who have previously never felt they had any reason to check their kids' diapers.

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