Preventing Child Abandonment And Abuse: Mom Abandons Newborn In The Trash But The Child Was Miraculously Rescued Just In Time

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January 23, 2019 17:39 By Mambee

When we hear stories of babies being neglected, it's really heartbreaking. This particular incident took place in South Africa, where, according to the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, about 520,000 abandoned children now live in foster homes.

Preventing Child Abandonment And Abuse: Mom Abandons Newborn In The Trash But The Child Was Miraculously Rescued Just In Timepixelheadphoto digitalskillet /

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This beautiful newborn could very well become one of the statistics after having such a difficult start to life. 

Rescued just in time

A little baby boy was lucky to be found after he was abandoned by his mother in a trash bin in the town of Verulam, South Africa. The boy was saved after authorities received a call from a local man who heard the child's cries of distress. 

According to Reaction Unit South Africa, a private response unit that keeps people updated via their Facebook page, the child was picked up just in time. If the rescuers were only a few minutes late, the garbage truck would have arrived and the child wouldn't have survived.

The baby was immediately taken to the hospital for a checkup. Authorities eventually located the mother, a woman in her 30s with two other children.

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The mother, 31-year-old Jeneve Venkatido, was reportedly struggling with motherhood. She revealed to investigators that she concealed her pregnancy because her children were from two different fathers.

As for the baby, the Reaction Unit South Africa revealed that he's doing well. Social workers and other authorities in charge are to determine a placement for the child after all investigations are concluded.

Preventing child abandonment

One can argue that there is no reason at all for a mother to do what Jeneve did. However, the fact remains that this mother was probably overwhelmed, confused and possibly depressed. This is why women in situations like these require a lot of assistance to prevent them from harming or abandoning their children.

Preventing Child Abandonment And Abuse: Mom Abandons Newborn In The Trash But The Child Was Miraculously Rescued Just In TimeSyda Productions /

According to American Pregnancy, women most susceptible to depression during pregnancy are those who experience relationship problems, stressful life events, complications during their pregnancy, and so on.

Here are a few things you can you notice a pregnant woman in this situation:

  • Offer your support: Dealing with sadness and uncertainty can get worse when you feel like you're alone. So, if you know someone that might need it, offer some support. It could be as simple a listening ear or a hug;
  • Encourage them to get help: In many cases, these women can be effectively treated but only if they seek help. Encourage them to see a therapist or doctor that can offer professional assistance;
  • Support group: Apart from offering your own support, you can also encourage the woman to join a support group. Being surrounded by others that have their own challenges can be encouraging.

Important information on types of child abuse can be found here.

As we lend a helping hand where we can, we hope women in the type of situations that Jeneve found herself in seek help before being led to do something desperate.

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