Praying For A Miracle: Heartbreaking Picture Of A Dad Holding His Newborn After Mom Passed Away

Date May 21, 2019 14:16

One thing that's guaranteed to bring about mixed feelings and emotions is mourning the passing of a spouse while holding on to the newborn that she birthed. Unfortunately, this was exactly what widower Yovani Lopez experienced.

After his 19-year-old wife passed away as the result of a crime, the grieving dad could be seen holding their newborn in a very powerful photo.

The fact that the child survived in the first place was miraculous in itself and the family continued to hope that he would recover because the baby, who was in critical condition, had no brain function.

In the pictures shared by Cecilia Garcia, a family friend, they appreciated the love and support from the public while also announcing that the baby "opened his eye for us."

Yovani and his late wife, Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, also had a toddler son together. The dad set up a GoFundMe in hopes that they would be able to raise enough money for medical care.

While urging people to donate, the dad expressed his appreciation for all the prayers as he kept faith that his baby, named Yovanny Jardiel, would recover.

While speaking to reporters, Yovani talked about the heartbreak of losing his wife and couldn't imagine why anyone would want to hurt her. "It's very painful," he said.

Marlen never got to meet her baby but, since news broke about her passing, thousands of people all over the world are sending positive vibes for the child's survival.

Even though Yovani will undoubtedly be undergoing a lot of emotional pain and heartache, he and his family hope for the baby to recover completely so they won't have to say goodbye to the child.

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