Dad Gets Special Tattoo On His Head To Look Exactly Like His Son's Cancer Surgery Scar

Date September 6, 2018

A father showed his son he was there for him every step of the way by getting an awesome tattoo.

A dad's devotion

Josh Marshall was devastated when his son, Gabriel, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in 2015. The little boy had to undergo surgery and had a significant scar on the side of his head as a result.

Josh did not want Gabriel to feel different or self-conscious so he decided to do something super amazing. He got a tattoo on his own head that was the exact replica of the scar on his son's. It was this show of solidarity that had people praising this man.

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Josh posted a side-by-side picture of his tattoo and Gabriel's scar. He was shocked to see that the picture went viral really quickly. Social media users from different parts of the world hailed him as an amazing father and wished Gabriel the very best with his health. 

Another powerful dad gesture

Josh is not the only dad who felt he had to go above and beyond to make sure his kid's confidence did not plummet due to circumstances they could not control.

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Dad Alistair Campbell wanted his daughter, Charlotte, to feel better about herself after the little girl got cochlear implants. The six-year-old girl got her first implant when she was four years old, as she suffered from extreme hearing loss.

Alistair got himself a tattoo that was very similar to his daughter's cochlear implants. Speaking to the New Zealand Herald, the father revealed that the tattoo procedure lasted about 45 minutes. But it was absolutely worth it.

[I did it for] my love for her, really. Hey, my hair can grow back.

He did say that even after his hair grew back, if his daughter wanted him to, he would shave it all off again to reveal his solidarity tattoo.

When children are in pain or suffering, their parents want nothing more than to make them feel better. So we can totally understand these dads' determination to put a smile on their kids' face through a simple gesture that reminds the children that they are not alone.

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