A Simple Name 'Chloe' Renewed A Couple's Faith In God And Turned Their Life Around Just When They Were About To Give Up

Date July 6, 2018

This is the powerful story of Walt, Annie and the beautiful name 'Chloe', which turned out to be the most incredible divine message they have ever gotten.

Annie Schulte Manis / Facebook

Walt Manis had been close to God ever since he has a kid. As a young boy, he would often talk to God while he explored nature. Then, one day, God gave him a vision. In it, Walt saw that he would have a daughter someday named Chloe.

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He held on to that name as he got older. He would later marry Annie, who he had known since childhood. One day, they were both talking when Annie revealed something surprising. She told Walt that she wanted to be a mom someday and, if she had a daughter, the child would be named Chloe.

Annie Schulte Manis / Facebook

If Walt had needed any confirmation that he and Annie were meant to be, this was it. As each day passed by, they kept imagining and looking forward to the day they would meet the child that God had promised them, a girl named Chloe .

Annie Schulte Manis / Facebook

Unfortunately, this did not happen as quickly as they expected. Years went by and the couple struggled with infertility. They desperately wanted to have a baby, but it seemed it was likely to happen.

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Annie Schulte Manis / Facebook

The couple's conviction of a future with 'Chloe' in it began to wane. Annie revealed, in a video interview with Moving Works, that she started to lose her faith in God. She was distraught as everyone around her was having babies while she continued to wait. It was a very difficult time.

Eventually, Annie and Walt decided to adopt. Walt was not completely on board as he was afraid to put too much hope on the fact that it would work out. However, one day, Annie received a message that changed their lives. A pregnant woman had chosen them to be her unborn daughter's parents.

Walt felt all his skepticism wash away when they met the birth mom for the first time. She looked so much like the baby in the vision he had years ago. But it was what the woman said that floored both him and his wife.

Annie Schulte Manis / Facebook

When the couple asked the birth mom if she had any name in mind for the child, the woman replied saying she had always thought of the name 'Chloe.'

Annie Schulte Manis / Facebook

The couple could not believe it. God had finally come through for them and delivered on His promise. A few months later, Walt and Annie became the parents of a beautiful girl named Chloe.

Their story, which went viral, inspired many to keep the faith no matter what.

Source: Moving Works / YouTube

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