Mom Ignores Her Toddler's Tantrum And Store Manager Immediately Puts An End To It

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December 7, 2018 18:44 By Mambee

A mother was at a Walgreens store with her toddler when the child started throwing things around and being disrespectful. 

In a Facebook video which has now gone viral, the mom can be seen arguing with the manager just as the little boy kept throwing a few things on the floor. It got so bad that the boy even cursed at the store manager.

The mother didn't seem bothered about her son's behavior and when she was called out on it, she claimed there was nothing she could do about it since she would probably go to jail for spanking the boy. 

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All this time, the toddler kept on throwing a tantrum and the mom did not reprimand him. Eventually, the manager felt he had had enough so he told the mother that she was banned from the store. 

The video, which has now received more than 13 million views, got mixed reactions. However, most people felt the manager was justified in banning the mother and that the kid definitely took things too far. 

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Was the mother really helpless?

The mom in the video made it sound like since she could not hit or spank her son, then there was nothing else she could do to stop him being unruly. But according to Psychology Today, there are other alternatives to spanking that parents can employ if a child is being disrespectful or misbehaving in public. 

Mom Ignores Her Toddler's Tantrum And Store Manager Immediately Puts An End To ItMarcel Jancovic /

  1. Make their actions ineffective: Firmly and gently, stop your child from doing whatever it is that is making him aggressive. If he's hitting you or throwing things, as in the case above, hold their hands firmly enough to bring the aggression to an end. 
  2. Remove the child from the situation: If you're in public, ensure you get your child to somewhere private as soon as you can. This may mean picking her up and carrying her to a quiet or secluded corner. Give the child a chance to calm down and this also allows you to deal with the situation away from prying eyes.
  3. Talk to the child: Once you've found somewhere quiet, and she has calmed down some, tell her firmly that her earlier behavior is unacceptable. Ensure you stay calm while passing along this message as being irritable or annoyed will not help matters. Be kind and in control. This is a more effective way to get through to the child.

As a parent, you may face situations where your child misbehaves publicly but you must not allow yourself to overreact. They learn self-control from you. So watching you keep your anger in check will serve as a lesson that they can do that too.

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