Accused Of Stealing Other Men! Breastfeeding Mom Gave A Smart Response To Haters

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October 24, 2018 14:41 By Mambee

A mother is using her social media platform to promote the beauty of breastfeeding after being accused of trying to steal someone else's man while she was breastfeeding during a flight.

39-year-old Reka Nyari is a New York-based photographer who is tired of all the negativity surrounding public breastfeeding, so she is doing her part to bring an end to it. 


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In an interview with the Daily Mail, Reka revealed that she was on a flight to Budapest from NY one day and was breastfeeding her 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter when a woman sitting in front of them berated her for breastfeeding. 

She called me "disgusting" followed by a litany of degrading swear words. Apparently, she thought I was trying to steal her man by quietly breastfeeding my baby during the landing of the plane.

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Reka, who has become quite the Instagram star with over 34,000 followers, has shown herself to be an advocate for breastfeeding through her social media posts. She often shares majestic and lovely photos of herself nursing her baby and tries to educate people about the importance of breastfeeding. 


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Reka revealed that she has been breastfeeding her daughter, Ilo, since she was born in 2015. However, when strangers try to make her feel bad for her choices, she responds by sharing more pictures of herself and her little one, proving she has no regrets and nothing to fear. 


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The photographer also supports moms who choose to breastfeed their babies past the age of one, insisting that this was beneficial to both mother and child.

Breastfeeding is natural, and our breasts were made for feeding our babies. Associating breastfeeding with sex or perversion is disturbing.


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Reka has no qualms at all about breastfeeding her daughter anywhere and at any time. She never cares whether she's in public or not. She proudly defies "societal norms" and will often educate anyone who wants to have a go at her over it. 

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One of the interesting things that the photographer noticed is that most people who criticized her for breastfeeding in public were women. She does not understand why so much harsh judgement is expressed, or why it has only gotten worse as her baby gets older.

She says she wanted to wean Ilo at the age of one but, upon further consideration and consultation with experts on the matter, she decided to let her daughter decide when she was done.


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Despite negative reactions, though, Reka says she gets mostly positive comments on her social media platforms and she's always happy to educate whoever gets confused about the benefits of breastfeeding. 

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