Heartwarming Story Of Couple Who Stuck Together For 53 Years Despite The Odds

Heartwarming Story Of Couple Who Stuck Together For 53 Years Despite The Odds

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September 6, 2018 15:37 By Mambee

.A couple found a way to break convention and forged on with their love despite all the discouragement and hate.

A love story for the ages

Andrew and Doreen fell in love like any other young couple. However, it was a different time and they had to face a lot of discrimination because they were of different races.

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87-year-old Doreen was recently carried to the 24 Hours in A&E due to sepsis. Her husband was with her and later shared their beautiful love story. Andrew said he and Doreen met in 1956, just after he arrived in the UK from Dominica.

At the time, there was a lot of racism and people felt the couple simply had no business being together. People would look at them in disdain when they held hand in public. But this did not deter them from living their life.

Andrew soon fell in love with the curly-haired beauty and they had one simple rule that followed them all their lives.

I always used to say “if you don’t let me down, I won’t let you down.

They knew they would face some challenges, but it was not until Doreen got pregnant six months into their relationship that they realized just how complicated things would be. At the time, she had no choice but to reveal who she loved to her family. Instead of support, Doreen's sister suggested that the couple simply "give the child away and pretend nothing happened." The mom-to-be adamantly refused.

Doreen and Andrew stood by each other and after their daughter was born, the mother had to stay home with her because "no one wanted to look after mixed-race children." The couple had two children together, Penny and Andrew. And they spent the following decades loving and doting on each other. 

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Unfortunately, Doreen did not survive the hospital visit. She passed away as a result of the infection. 

Heartwarming responses

Love is never smooth or easy, but we have to say this couple managed to stay strong through something that could easily break any other person. Their story was so inspiring that the video garnered more than 51 million views and thousands of comments.

While some were immensely touched by the couple's love story, other shared similar experiences they had as interracial couples. 

Rest in peace, Doreen. 

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