Newborn Left By Teenage Mom Was Rescued After Being Found Hanging In A Plastic Bag

Date March 8, 2019 11:31

Having a baby when you're ready to be a parent is a God's gift, but for immature teens it's quite another matter. According to recent statistics, adolescent mothers have many difficulties in their lives, such as uncompleted education, health problems, and, after all, unemployment. These sad facts cause tragedies.

Newborn Left By Teenage Mom Was Rescued After Being Found Hanging In A Plastic BagBurdun Iliya /

A binman was very shocked to discover an abandoned baby, who had been hung in a plastic bag and discarded like garbage.

The man was reportedly there to collect some package to be dumped in a truck when he heard the faint sounds of a baby crying. The child was barely alive as he kept trying to open his eyes and continued to put his hand in his mouth. Passers-by who saw this disturbing scene had no idea what to do as they waited for paramedics to arrive. The child was then taken to a hospital.

Newborn Left By Teenage Mom Was Rescued After Being Found Hanging In A Plastic BagZdorov Kirill Vladimirovich /

One of the people who were on the scene, Rheene Lee, said everyone was dumbfounded. At first, they were not sure if the baby was still alive. Then, when they noticed his subtle movement, an ambulance was called.

It was a good thing that the baby was found as he probably would not have survived too long out there. Rheene also added that it was quite lucky the trash collector could hear the baby's sounds. Normally, he would just have carried the plastic bag and put it in his truck.

Apart from the baby, bloodied female school uniforms and shorts were found in the plastic bag, leading people to assume that it was a teenage girl who had abandoned the baby. Based on the size of the uniform, it was estimated that the mother of the baby could be between 12 and 16 years old.

A nurse at the hospital where the baby was taken to revealed that the boy is doing well and a lot of people have come forward, requesting to adopt him.

The nurse, Emily Ng, also opened up about the baby's health:

He was very weak when he arrived but he is strong now. There is a smile on his face.

Hopefully, this innocent child will end up in a happy family. He sure deserves it after such a sad start to life.

Baby abandonment: Why it happens and what to do

Newborns are abandoned due to a lot of different reasons. According to a report, certain situations, such as bad habits or additiction to illicit substances, plus the fact that the child may have a non-treatable condition, may be some of the reasons teens abandon their children. In addition, more abandoned babies are reported in countries where adoption and abortion are still frowned upon.

Then, there is one of the most common reasons. A teenage girl may feel overwhelmed, isolated and unable to confide in her family after finding out she's pregnant. This can force the young mother to want to literally 'get rid ' of their baby.

The Safe Haven laws were made to prevent situations like this. They were made to protect "unwanted" babies and their mothers from facing charges of child abandonment. These laws allow for mothers to give up custody of their infant in a safe, anonymous, and legal way.

All the mother needs to do is to go to any Safe Havel location in her state (some of which are hospitals, police departments, and fire stations) and leave the baby there.