'Works Every Time': Heartwarming Video Of Dad Serenading His

'Works Every Time': Heartwarming Video Of Dad Serenading His Newborn To Sleep On His Guitar

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March 22, 2019 10:33 By Mambee

Many parents will attest to the fact that the newborn stage can be quite challenging. Sure, the baby may not do much apart from sleep and eat, there's still the issue of getting them to actually sleep

While some babies are super easy and only require a few seconds of gentle rocking to fall asleep, others can be a little bit more complicated. In this case, the parents have to get a little bit more creative with their strategy.

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This is where super cute videos like this come in.

Singer Cody Comer shared a video of himself singing his baby to sleep, but with a slight twist. Rather than rocking the child in his arms, the little one was snuggled up on daddy's guitar. 

In the description, Cody explained that his wife asked him to get their newborn daughter down for a nap. Apparently, this wasn't the first time Cody relied on this method to get the baby girl to sleep. 

And it works every time!!

We could clearly see Cody singing Merle Haggard’s 'Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star' while the baby was very much asleep with one hand resting over her father's musical instrument. It's safe to say daddy's voice and the sound of the guitar playing soothed the child.

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The internet adored this clip and it was viewed over 58 million times within a week of being posted. Thousands of comments also followed the post and it was shared over a million times. 

Many viewers shared comments on how cute they thought the whole thing was. Cody sure found a unique way to get his baby daughter to sleep.

It's pretty cool to see that this moment was recorded. Perhaps, someday, Cody will show it to his little girl.  

Meanwhile, they can both continue to enjoy their special father-daughter bonding moments. And other parents out there might even be inspired to try something like this to get their babies to have some shuteye.

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