Little Boy Dies In Drowning Accident. When Parents Go To Visit His Grave Many Years Later, They Find His Toy Was Missing

Date May 25, 2018 16:20

In 2008, parents Tom-Rune Bertelsen and Lone Sveum Bertelsen experienced one of their worst days ever as their son, Svein-Erik Bertelsen, who was 7 at the time, passed away in a drowning accident.

The parents described Svein-Erik as an energetic boy whose life was cut short in the summer of 2008.

Tom-Rune Bertelsen / Facebook

Tom-Rune, who spoke to the Norwegian TV2, shared that he and his wife think about their boy every single day. They think about what he would look like today if he were alive, and how he would have been, "He's a really tough boy," his father said.

Tom-Rune Bertelsen / Facebook

Svein-Erik loved dragons and some other cartoon characters. To honor this, Lone and Tom-Rune put a small dragon figurine on his grave. It was one of Svein-Erik's favorite toys and it seemed fitting for it to lay with the boy.

Tom-Rune Bertelsen / Facebook

A couple of years after his death, the parents were shocked when they visited his grave and did not see the toy. They decided to let it go and try again.

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Lone Sveum Bertelsen / Facebook

This time around, they chose something else the boy loved - swords. He had a favorite one which he got while on a trip to Legoland. The parents placed this at the grave just like they did with the dragon.

Lone SveumBertelsen / Facebook

Because of the previous theft, Tom-Rune took his time with the sword. He ensured it was properly mounted on a reinforced bracket. He also hammered it down so there was no way anyone could simply take it.

Tom-Rune Bertelsen / Facebook

It seemed it worked as the sword remained there for a long time. However, during a recent visit, Svein-Erik's grandmother arrived at the grave to see that the sword had also been stolen.

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Tom-Rune was furious. He could not believe someone would go to so much effort to remove the sword. 

This time, they must have really struggled with it. A small child could not have removed it, so it must have been an adult, maybe two. I hammered the bracket down 30-40 centimetres , but it’s still been torn up.

Lone Sveum Bertelsen / Facebook

The mother, Lone, took to Facebook to share what happened. Many people who saw the story were incensed. They were heartbroken for the family and could not believe someone was capable of doing such a terrible thing.

The parents hope that by sharing their story, such an incident will not happen to someone else's family.

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