Miracle! Toddler Managed To Survive For A Week In A Crib After Her Grandma, Who Was Caring For Her, Passed Away

A little girl named Brier Ineichen was found alive a week after her grandmother, who had been caring for her, passed away. The child had been living on her own for days.

Annette Ineichen was looking after Brier because the child's mother, Tracy, was in jail. Usually, the mom would get regular updates on her baby daughter from her mother but after a week of not hearing from them, she worried that something could be wrong.

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Tracy then called her boyfriend, Anthony, to go to Annette's house and check on them. Anthony arrived on the scene and was completely shocked at what he saw. 

When he got to the home, had to break down the door after no one answered. He saw little Brier alone in her crib and it was very clear that she was barely alive.

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The poor girl was severely dehydrated and malnourished. According to Anthony, the child could barely hold her head up when he tried to pick her up. She simply collapsed on her rescuer. 

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Because she was so dehydrated, she could not even cry as she was unable to produce tears, Anthony later told police.

Wondering where the grandma was, he was alarmed to find that she had collapsed on the floor in the bathroom. Clearly, she had passed away days prior and from the looks of things, it was due to natural causes.

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Anthony immediately called the police and Brier was quickly taken to the nearest hospital where she was treated for severe dehydration and malnourishment. She soon began getting stronger. Anthony said:

Every day she got a little stronger, a little bit better. She’s coming back to her natural self. She’s smiling and laughing.

It's frightening to think of what Brier must have had to go through for so many days. But thankfully, this story had a happy ending.

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