3 Lions Rescue And Protect 12-Year-Old Girl Who Was About To Be Taken By Strangers

Date June 4, 2018

We've all probably heard horror stories of lions attacking people. But as it turns out, these majestic creatures do have a softer side.

A pride of lions came to the rescue of a little girl who was about to have unspeakable things done to her by kidnappers.

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According to the police, the 12-year-old girl in rural south-west Ethiopia was abducted by four men while she was on her way home from school.

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The family had been desperately searching for her for days. The feared the worst, but, as it turned out, the child was in safe hands.

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A week after the abduction, the kidnappers were moving her when three lions intercepted the group and chased them away.

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The men left the girl behind and ran for their lives. The child probably thought she was going to be eaten, but she was wrong.

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The three lions stayed with the girl without harming her at all. It was not until the police arrived that the animals finally left. 

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Luckily, the police found the girl alive but shocked. 

One of the officers, Sergeant Wondmu Wedaj, said that the lions stood guard until the girl was found. And as soon as they spotted the officers, the animals simply left her there, "like a gift", and returned to the forest.

In addition, the girl later revealed that the only harm she experienced was by her kidnappers and that the lions did not hurt her at all. 

The four kidnappers, by the way, were eventually caught and arrested.

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