How To Recognize Signs Of Child Maltreatment: Nurses Fired After Video Of Them Mocking Newborn Baby Goes Viral

Date April 3, 2019 15:30

Newborn babies make us feel nothing but endless tenderness and love. Sadly, they might become victims of maltreatment since the first days of their lives.

According to research, violence against children in hospitals is a common problem. Not only may babies suffer from emotional cruelty, but also from sexual and physical abuse.

A group of nurses thought it would be funny to squish the face of a newborn and record it, too, while giggling. They soon faced the consequences because the "joke" got them fired.

The Saudi Arabian nurses filmed themselves laughing while one of them squeezed and pulled at the face of a newborn.

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The video went viral and the Saudi authorities were able to trace the source and find the nurses responsible. 

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The video clip is not longer than a few seconds, but one nurse can be seen grabbing the infant by the neck and forehead, and, in a truly horrifying way, she squished the baby's face as the rest of the group laughed.

Parents were extremely furious upon finding out what was going on via the viral social media video.

Three nurses were arrested following this incident. The group worked at a maternity ward in Taif, at the Mecca Province of Saudi Arabia.

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After their attention was called to the video, Taif Health Affairs officers investigated the source and managed to identify the nurses and the hospital where the incident took place.

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The nurses were immediately suspended upon identification. Their medical licenses were revoked and they were banned from practising nursing.

While many were glad the nurses faced justice, people were also angry that the identities of the perpetrators were kept private.

Saudi journalist Walid Al-Zahrani led a protest demanding that the nurses be named so that it would serve as a lesson to anyone: toying with people like that is unacceptable.

The father of the newborn in the video said his child had been admitted to the hospital because of a urinary tract infection. He was horrified to find out how his baby was treated in the viral video. He called for the nurses and anybody else who had a hand in the abuse to be punished severely.

Abuse is a big problem, you need to know how to recognize that a child is at risk. The following pieces of advice can help you with it. 

  1. Pay attention to families with high mobility and unemployed parents. Keep an eye on homeless people and children with them;
  2. Social isolation, poverty, loneliness are indicators that a child can be in danger;
  3. Note what a child is wearing: long-sleeved outfits in hot weather can be used to hide bruises and cuts;
  4. Remember that a kid's mental health condition depends on the family. If a child is too passive, aggressive, or you can see their fear if somebody shouts - well, these are bad signs.
  5. Some psychological characteristics, as low self-esteem, tearfulness, and anxiety can display emotional abuse.

Even newborns are at risk while in the care of people who seem trustworthy and professional. So keep an eye on your baby and do not let anyone hurt them.

Having children is the biggest gift of life. It is essential to give them the happiest childhood. Here is one more powerful story to prove that.


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