Woman Who Couldn't Have Kids Ended Up Saving The Lives Of 4 Children Who Suffered Severe Trauma And Pain

Date July 17, 2018

Melissa Yetter had always known that getting pregnant and having kids were not in the cards for her because she had had a hysterectomy at a young age.

However, she knew she would be a mother at some point. So, after she married Chris, the pair decided to become a foster family. They looked forward to providing homes for children who needed somewhere to stay until their biological parents could do what was required to get them back.

Abby came into their life when the couple expressed their need to give a child a home for the holidays. She had only just turned one and had already had a pretty difficult life. Her mother was a drug addict and Abby's life began by being born in a toilet.

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The girl was later diagnosed with a genetic kidney problem and needed a transplant. Both her kidneys were removed and she was on dialysis. She needed a feeding tube to eat and battled several health issues.

Melissa and Chris brought her home and they nursed her through her condition every day, while also taking her to several doctor's appointments. Fortunately, she received a kidney transplant and now she continues to thrive. 

David was an autistic, nonverbal 5-year-old when he came into Melissa and Chris' life. Melissa was reluctant at first, as she knew nothing about the condition and was not sure she could help. But Chris was more open-minded.

The first few weeks were very rough as David had a lot of behavioral issues, including an obsession with strings. This meant he would often pull the house apart looking for strings to tug at and he destroyed a lot of things in the process. The couple spent months going from doctor to doctor in hopes of getting him help. And he greatly improved.

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About a month after taking David in, Melissa and Chris received a call about a 7-year-old nonverbal girl who also had a lot of health problems. Karen was still being bottle-fed and was underdeveloped because she did not have proper nutrition. She was tested and the results showed she was at the same developmental level of an 18-month-old child, even though she was seven. Ever since she joined Melissa's family, she has grown in leaps and bounds.

Sabrina was 17 years old and aging out of the system, so everyone had already given up hope that she could ever find a home. But her caseworker still believed, so did Melissa and Chris when they met her.

The teenage girl had a genetic condition that meant she functioned at 18-24-month level. She was nonverbal and not potty trained. Melissa and her husband happily opened their home and adopted her.

Melissa shared her story with LoveWhatMatters in hopes that people will understand the importance of opening their heart to a child who desperately needs a forever home. She hopes to inspire anyone out there to be the change in the life of a child who the world has all but given up on. 

Source: LoveWhatMatters

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