'He Was Angry, Obsessive!' Mom Cries Out As Her 14-Year-Old Son's Video Game Addition Made Him Violent

Date September 5, 2018 12:06

A mother is crying out for help because of her teenage son's addiction to video games.

Logan's troubles

A mom named Britta Hodge was worried that her 14-year-old son, Logan, was addicted to online games, especially one known as Fortnite. The Australian boy would play the game for so long that sleep and food would often take the back seat. 

While sharing her ordeal with 60 Minutes, Britta said her son's obsession with the game got so bad that he became downright violent towards her when she tried to take it away. She said Logan became angry and aggressive, and she even had to get the police involved a couple of times. 

The mom insisted that her son had not always been like this. He was usually very friendly and enjoyed playing a lot of sports. However, in the two years since he got his PS4, many things began to change about Logan.

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Before his addiction to Fortnite began, Logan was also into games like Minecraft and Call of Duty. She believes her son has an addiction. Speaking to 9Honey, she described Logan's condition as 'chronic,' so much so that even doctors could not believe how bad it was.

Is your child a video game addict?

According to PsychGuides, some of the common symptoms of video game addiction include:

  • Feeling restless when unable to play;
  • Constantly thinking about a previous game and talking about the next one;
  • Being dishonest about when and how long he/she plays;
  • Isolation from family and friends in favor of online activity;
  • Some addicted children also have physical manifestations like tiredness, headache and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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What can you do

The issue of video game addiction is one that affects a lot of kids. In a recent discussion on Good Morning America, the hosts delved into the matter and considered the ways addiction could be prevented.

The most important thing to do is limit screen time for kids right from a young age and encourage them to engage in other offline activities. 

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