5-Year-Old Girl Jumps Into Action When Her Father Suffered A Stroke, But It Was Her Adorable 911 Call That Had People Laughing

Date November 6, 2018

A little girl knew exactly what to do when her father suffered a stroke. But while people applauded her intelligence, it was her 911 call that had many of us smiling.

An unexpected scenario

Little Savannah must have been very scared and worried when her dad, Frank suffered a stroke and could barely breathe. Her dad had managed to pick up the phone to dial 911. Unfortunately, he struggled to speak but he couldn't.

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After a few seconds, his daughter could be heard receiving the phone and speaking to the dispatcher.

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A witty little girl

5-year-old Savannah was adorably calm as she explained what's going on.  Jason Bonham who was the dispatcher who got the call told WTHR that he heard the child say that her father could not breathe. Because they were calling from a cell phone, it was not possible to automatically trace the address.

However, Bonham could hear Frank whispering the house number to her and the girl clearly repeated it to the dispatcher. 

What surprised him the most was how calm the girl was throughout the call. She did exactly what Bonham said and was very articulate as she described the situation. He then assured her that help was on the way.

As he continued talking to her to keep her on the line, the conversation became quite hilarious.  

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Savannah began to worry about answering the door in her "jammies." She seemed pretty insistent on changing to a more presentable outfit but Bonham, who sounded amused by the girl's words, insisted that she stayed with her father and not worry about what she was wearing.

At some point, Savannah even went as far as trying to introduce Lou, the family dog, to Bonham. Listen to an audio clip of the call below.

It was alright in the end

Bonham said they were able to get paramedics to house in only a matter of minutes and Frank got the help he needed. We bet he was super proud of his daughter for saving his life. 

The girl's father was fine at the end of the say and even went back to work a few days later. Talk about a feelgood story.

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