A Universal Language: Photographers Take Inspiring Pictures Of Breastfeeding Mothers From Around The World

Date August 28, 2018

Even though breastfeeding is one of the most natural things humans do, it's still subjected to some stigma in certain parts of the world. These photographers, however, are helping to break that stigma one photo at a time. 

Tina Boyadjieva's photos

This creative photographer has gotten the attention of thousands of people thanks to her awesome breastfeeding mothers' project. 

Full-moon breastfeeding session

Another photographer, Trina Cary did something a little bit different, but with a similar theme showing that breastfeeding is, indeed, universal and nothing to be ashamed of. 

On March 2nd. Cary organized a 'Full Mood Breastfeeding Session' featuring up to 14 women who happily breastfed their babies. Cary explained that it was an amazing and magical experience. 

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"I couldn't wipe the smile from my face," when describing how incredible the whole thing was on her website. These women, some of whom were friends and others, strangers, managed to connect through the beauty of their motherhood and it couldn't have gone any better, she said.

She shared some pictures from the projected on her Instagram page and fans couldn't be more inspired.

Breastfeeding moments for women of color

Photographer Lakisha Cohill of H&C Inc. took these incredible pictures of women of color breastfeeding their children in other to raise awareness and support. 


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Speaking to PopSugar, Cohill explained that she simply wanted to capture the natural beauty of breastfeeding.


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She revealed that a lack of knowledge and support was what discouraged her from breastfeeding her own babies and these nursing mothers would serve as inspiration for other women.


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Each of these photo series is different in its own way but they pass across a powerful message that all moms need to hear. A message of support and an encouragement to embrace what comes naturally.


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Kudos to these artists for bringing that out in stunning pictures.

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