9-Year-Old Girl Waves To Police Officer Every Single Day. One Day, She Didn't Show Up And

9-Year-Old Girl Waves To Police Officer Every Single Day. One Day, She Didn't Show Up And The Cop Had A Gut Feeling Something Was Wrong

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June 15, 2018 15:22 By Mambee

Klynn Scales' childhood was far from ideal. At 9 years old, she had already witnessed all kinds of violence, drugs, and abuse right in her home. As any child would, however, she managed to always find one bright spot in her day.

Klynn Scales / Facebook

The little girl would wait in the same place every single day to wave to a police officer. Sgt. Jeff Colvin suspected that Klynn was troubled so he kept on passing by her house daily in hopes of finding out what was really going on in her home. 

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Klynn Scales / Facebook

Klynn had two younger brothers and it was her responsibility to take care of them. Unfortunately, this meant she had to sometimes steal from the local 7-11 store so they could have something to eat.

Klynn Scales / Facebook

One day, Colvin was passing by and he did not see the young girl who eagerly waved to him everyday. He felt in his guts that something was wrong. He entered her home and saw that Klynn was ill and severely malnourished. What was worse: There was no caregiver in sight.

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The officer took her to the hospital, where she was treated. After that, he lost contact with her as she moved to a different state to begin a new life.

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Klynn Scales / Facebook

Growing up, Klynn never forgot the officer that saved her. His words to her were what got her through. "He was the one person I trust," she told FOX. 

Klynn Scales / Facebook

20 years after Klynn and Colvin parted ways, he received an email from one Sgt. Jennifer Jones, who was able to track down both Klynn and Colvin. 

Klynn Scales / Facebook

The pair were finally reunited and it was an emotional time for both of them. The amazing cop was so happy to know that Klynn was doing great.

Most times we go through our career not realizing we truly helped anybody out.

Klynn was simply grateful to meet her hero face to face and thank him for saving her decades ago. She revealed that he inspired her to become a police officer herself. 

Klynn Scales / Facebook

Earlier this year, Klynn announced in a Facebook post that she would be getting her police badge. Again, she appreciated Colvin for how he had changed her life.

My calling is finally coming true, and I have to thank you because if it wasn’t for you I would have died at 9 from malnutrition. I hope to be someone’s hero like you are mine.

Klynn Scales / Facebook

This one wonderful act of kindness has come full circle. And we have no doubt that Klynn will find a way to pay it forward.

Source: Inspiremore, FOX

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