Dad Serenades His Baby Daughter And The Little Girl's Dance Moves Were A Delight To See

Date August 1, 2018

Singer Dan Fowlks came up with the perfect idea for serenading his little girl. But it soon became clear that falling asleep was the last thing on the baby's mind. 

Little Nova Lin has been the apple of her father's eye since she was born. In the past few months, it has become pretty clear that this girl's world revolves around her amazing father. 

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A few months ago, Dan shared a video where his daughter was excitedly dancing to his music.

The devoted father of two grabbed his guitar to entertain his young daughter, but once the baby started bopping and busting the right moves to dad's music, it immediately became a moment to treasure.

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She went from sitting on the bed to standing and dancing on her knees. Then, she ended up lying down on the bed, rolling around and giggling.

This video portrayed one of the purest forms of joy humanity is capaple of experience: the sound of a laughing child and her sheer, unbridled happiness as a parent made time to share beautiful memories with her.

Many people who commented on the video found it super cute, too. Some were certain that Nova Lin will look back on this moment many years later and treasure it completely.

It's almost impossible to watch Nova Lin's antics without having a big grin on our face. And that girl sure has a great rhythm. We bet music runs in the family.

Just imagine how super cool it will be if this child becomes a professional dancer someday. Meanwhile, let's just applaud the awesomeness that this video is.

Source: Dan Fowlks / Facebook

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