Heartbreaking Video Shows 8-Year-Old Amputee Relying On Prosthetic Made Of Sardine Tins To Walk Around

Date June 26, 2018 17:50

An 8-year-old Syrian girl has captured the heart of the internet after a video of her needing to rely on an improvised set of prosthetics, made of sardine tins, to walk around made it online. 

Like her father, Maya Ali Merhi was born without lower limbs due to a condition known as congenital amputation. Her family was unable to afford real prosthetic, so her father decided to build her a makeshift one. 

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Syria Charity / Facebook

In an interview to Syria Charity, Maya's dad, Mohammed, explained how he was able to create a tool that helped his daughter walk.

Syria Charity / Facebook

The father, who got tired of seeing his little girl struggle, mounted some plastic on two tins of sardines, which the girl put her legs in so she could be more mobile.

Syria Charity / Facebook

'My heart suffers when I see her crawling in front of friends, while they play and run," Mohammed said in the video.

Even though Mohammed needed prosthetics as well, he was at least relieved that things were a bit better for his daughter. "It's hard but those are better than nothing," he said.

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Mohammed and his family, who had to flee their town due to bombings, were living at a camp in Idlib.

Syria Charity / Facebook

The father has experienced a lot of heartache and pain, but he remained hopeful and grateful.

He said that life in the camp was pretty calm and he appreciated that. But he could not help dreaming that he and his daughter would be able to walk again someday.

Thankfully, father and daughter are one step closer to this dream. A few days after the video above went viral, Syria Charity announced that Maya and her family have been evacuated to Turkey by the Turkish Red Crescent.

The group is allegedly taking care of all the family's healthcare needs. The future certainly looks brighter for them.

Source: Dailymail, Syria Charity / Facebook

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