Larissa Waters Once Made History As The First Woman To Breastfeed While Addressing The Federal Parliament

Date September 21, 2018

Who says you cannot be a mom and also a member of parliament. Larissa Waters is definitely doing a great job of it and many people are inspired.

This Australian senator amazed many people last year when she reportedly became the first politician to nurse her baby while she was in a parliament senate chamber.

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Larissa's daughter, Alia Joy, was only a few weeks old when her mother breastfed her while voting on the Greens motion, In a Facebook post, Larissa expressed her pride that her baby was the first ever to be breastfed in the federal parliament.

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Her effort would serve to revisit the issue of ensuring workplaces are family friendly and childcare becomes affordable.

According to the Courier Mail, Larissa returned to work 10 weeks after giving birth to her second child. She then decided to take complete advantage of the breastfeeding laws which she helped make happen a year prior.

The rules stated that parents were now permitted to care for their infant on the parliament floor.

This was certainly a leap due to the fact that, nine years ago one of the parliament members. Sarah Hanson-Young had her two-year-old daughter taken from her and kicked out of the Senate.

In 2015, another mom, Kelly O'Dwyer, a government minister was told she had to express her milk if she wanted to attend to her parliamentary duties. 

Speaking to BBC, Larissa pointed out how 'ridiculous' it was that the fact that she was feeding her baby was international news when women have been breastfeeding for centuries. 

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She added that her hope is for more women to not be afraid of belonging to the parliament due to rules that made it almost impossible for them to have a family while doing their job.

While speaking to Sky News, another senator, Katy Gallagher hailed Larissa for her bravery. Katy stated that many women are in parliaments all over the world and if they should be encouraged to do their jobs while also caring for their children, then nursing at work is a reality that has to be accepted.

No doubt, Larissa's actions started a very important conversation that goes to remind everyone that mothers can care for their babies and also do their jobs too.

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