95-Year-Old Man Hits Major Milestone As He Makes 500 Quilts For Newborns In Need

Date August 30, 2018

An amazing old man has set himself a goal and achieved it: He brought happiness to hundreds of needy newborns.

A touching project

Jack Morrow loved to make quilts and, a few years ago, he planned to reach 500 quilts by the time he turned 95. He followed through and worked every day until he achieve his goal.

Speaking to StarTribune, Jack said he was one of those people who wouldn't stop whenever they put their minds to something. So, a few weeks ago, he hit his milestone and gave 500 blankets to Bundles of Love, a charity that helps needy newborns by distributing free baby essentials, like diapers, to families.

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He finished quilting 500 blankets a few days before his 95th birthday, on August 10th. 

How it began

Seven years ago, Jack and his wife, Jackie, moved to a senior living facility. Jackie noticed her husband was feeling a little restless so she suggested that he joined a club that made blankets for Bundles of Love. At the time, Jack did not even know how to sew but he decided the cause was worthy enough to give it a shot.

Nancy Dahlman, who also spoke to StarTribune, said her father was someone that always needed to be kept busy.

The elderly man soon fell in love with quilting, especially considering what motivated him. He loved to imagine the babies who would be wrapped in his blanket, perhaps after a first bath. These images inspired him to keep going and by the time he had made 100 blankets, he knew he was hooked and ready to go all the way. 

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The internet is proud

Following the news of his achievement, many people have taken to social media to comment about how amazing Jack's dedication was. It was not lost on anyone that his project is quite significant - an older generation giving to a younger one. 

We totally agree. What he did was truly remarkable. Well done, Jack!

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